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With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we are your team to provide the quality you are looking for at a fair price.  We offer an array of services to meet your needs and have the experience to recommend exactly the right process to take your project to the next level! 


We offer plastisol screen printing on any type of garment you can imagine!  From shirts and hoodies to sweatpants and socks to bags and towels... we have you covered at The Red T-Shirt Company!


For those projects where screen printing is not the best application, we offer custom embroidery.  We typically embroider hats, polos, jackets and patches but let us know if you have other ideas!



Foil will put that added shine to your great design!  Available in silver, gold and other colors, it is guaranteed to catch the eyes of everyone who wears and sees your great garments!


Puff ink creates a raised, textured appearance with a look and feel similar to suede.  It can be a fun addition to your great design!


If you have ever seen a garment design that looks like a real picture and wondered how they do that, give us a call and we can tell you all about it!  Our experienced artists and production crew can make this a reality for you!


To give that final pop to your retail line or just to make handing shirts out to your people easier, we offer a fold, bag and tagging service.  This is a great addition for certain projects!


In addition to all our great services for you garment needs, we also offer promotional items that we can print with your logo and tagline as well.  Everything from pens to stress balls to phone holders to notepads, you name it and we can do it for you!  Please contact us all your promotional items for your giveway or marketing event!

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